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I initially came up with this business idea having been laid off from my job due to Covid. Over 15+ years ago I had a bridal company and I used to make hand-bound wedding albums made with Japanese silk ribbons and hand-dyed papers. I worked with a historian and we used to work on building the most exquisite memoirs together. She being the writer and editor, me being the designer and producer of the book. I do remember a client approaching me who had fostered a child and the child was being transferred to another family and she asked me to make a book for that child, it was a collection of photos of his time spent with the family - his first day of school, birthday, etc. It was a stunning book, even if I say so myself.

I looked back on my repertoire of work and decided that people’s life stories have always resonated with me and I wanted to create a business to tell those stories.

I had come up with a name and had created my business around that name and I was very stuck to that name. Unfortunately, there was a nearby business that had a similar name and therefore I eventually came to the resolve that it was already taken and I would have to reassess.

My father had just passed away and I was going through the whole process of trying to come up with a suitable name. I was banging my head against a brick wall with all these new stumbling blocks.

I was searching such words as; legacy, forget-me-not, heirloom. These all had a tone of 'memory' to them and I wanted my books to not only remember people but also wanted my books to celebrate the wonderful lives we live.

When my father was passing away I was playing music to him and reminiscing about days gone by - I would play a song and then start up with, “dad, remember when…” and I would tell him a story of a memory.

After thinking long and hard and bouncing a few ideas off a couple of girlfriends - they said they liked the ring to ‘remember when ….’ and I also thought that it encompasses - all aspects of our lives - as in remember when we went to that show etc…. remember when we were kids?…. Happy times.

I chose that as the name for my new business and as I continued on the journey of setting up this business - I bonded with the name and what it meant to me? It was a few weeks later when I had designed the logo and was working on the website. I took a break and sat in my armchair next to the fireplace ….. and then …. it suddenly struck me….

I had spoken to my business counselor in a previous meeting about the effect my father’s passing had had on this business. I was in despair but held up my hands and said if my father wants to guide me in this business - let it be. It wasn’t until I had taken a moment out from my designing and putting the logistics together that I came to the revelation of the RW which I had highlighted in the logo. OMG - I had not realized the significance of these initials RW.

RW are the first initials of my parents' names ‘Robert & Win’.

I am guided by my parents in my past and into my future.

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