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It will be 7 years ago today that I lost my mum :(

I sent a poem to my sisters and mentioned that my everlasting memory of my mum was when she used to hold my hand. It became more common the more frail she became but how I treasure and miss such moments.

In memory of my mum today - here is the poem.

Take My Hand

Mum, take my hand and walk with me

Mum, no matter where you are, near or far,

your heart belongs to me

I long to hold your hand, just one more time,

but that’s not meant to be

Mum, take my heart and hold it close,

as it is filled with love

I will keep your heart so close to mine,

as you watch over from above

Mum, take my hand and walk with me

I hope you’ve found your loved ones waiting,

I hope they set you FREE

I hope they take your pain away

and guide you close to thee

In God I trust to take care of you

like you took care of me

I know you sit amongst the angels

where you’ll forever be

Mum, take my hand and walk with me

Mum, I know that you could no longer stay,

but if I could, have one more day,

it would help to take my pain away

You are forever in my heart

until we are no longer apart

Mum take my hand and walk with me

Take my everlasting love and hold it close

Keep it safe and know that you are loved

now and forever - I LOVE YOU!

Mum take my hand

Remembering my mum today.

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