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I am writing this in honour of the above.

Last Fall I was excited and extremely grateful to be part of a phenomenal team of women who put a lot of their own resources into telling their story. A collaboration between women, mainly from the shores of Nova Scotia and including some amazing leaders from Africa, US and Switzerland. The 21+ female authors wanted to and needed to tell their stories of their amazing growth, resilience and survival. Their stories of becoming an entrepreneur, the journeys they took and the lessons they learned, in order to gain control of their own destiny. I was so honoured to be part of this amazing project. It was definitely my proudest moment of 2023.

Most people believe that their story is not worth telling and on working on a follow up project - I proclaimed to the participants that all their stories are equal - many are sharing their vulnerabilities. My approach and thinking about people's stories is that anyone reading, will learn something from our shared experience. Many people go through similar experiences - whether it's life lessons; divorce, parenting and adulthood, running your own business or facing challenging times through health or financial issues and basically plowing through modern day obstacles both personal and professional.

Below is an extract from my personal chapter; The Accidental Entrepreneur.

"It’s magical to think back on a journey and see where you started from, handing out your first business card, the excitement and nervousness of answering your phone with the name of your business, arranging that first set of meetings and business proposals and, in my case, designing and presenting the finished product. There have been many people on my journey who have believed in me, and I have taken their positivity and made it into something great. I hope I have inspired people to do the same. It only takes one project and one happy client to say, “I know someone that can give you what you are looking for.”

Business owners are unique; we know the value of support as we have strived for our own successes. We never take anyone or anything for granted, and it’s not only our own success that we celebrate but others along the way. There is a powerful bond between business owners that says “We are all in this together.” A good support system is the basis and the ability to never give up and to know that you are never alone. Reflect on the number of people who have invested in you and believed in you. They have made you who you are today.

I hope people can recognize some of themselves in my journey.

If you have a vision and a passion, sometimes you only get one chance to fulfill it. Always follow your goals no matter how long it takes and again, never ever give up!"

My niece Hattie holding a copy of With Grace and Grit - available on Amazon

I'm hoping that these stories will inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

No matter where you are in life - believe me someone can recognize themselves through your experience. All stories are good to share and it's great to bring attention to women's stories especially on International Women's Day. #internationalwomensday #femaleentrepreneurs #femalebusinessowners #womeninbusiness #withgraceandgrit

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