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This has become a personal journey for me. As the saying goes, everyone has this idea that your parents are going to live forever. I lost my mum over 5 years ago now and despite my father being unwell and having had major open heart surgery in his 30's, which was televised he did manage to live on, by himself, after my mum passed for another 5 years.


During this time of Covid, I recently took and passed a Certified Dementia Course and became interested in developing a book for people suffering with dementia - my mother had it for many years. I was in the midst of setting up this company and my sister reached out to me to request I make a dementia book for my father - I was hesitant - as I thought he was going to live forever and resisted for a number of weeks, as although his memory was getting bad it was not at that stage where it was a huge concern. I did however have a collection of old photographs as I had put together a 70th birthday celebration book for my parents several years ago.

I gathered up the photos and made my father a dementia book and popped it in the mail on a Friday. After a number of major falls and my father becoming more frail - he passed away on the Sunday. My books never made it to him, although I did go through them with him via a video link. After his passing we found a number of old photos on his table - he was going through some, for comfort.

Like everyone else, I always thought that I would have time to go through them with him, but that wasn't to be. I was lucky, however to have gifted my parents one of my hand made journals many years ago




To create a business which will benefit people of all ages is extremely satisfying

and at this point holds no boundaries.

REMEMBER WHEN CUSTOM BOOKS encompass all generations.


Tapping into my extensive 30+ years of graphic design and past business experience with the production of memoirs - this business seemed a natural progression for me. The time felt right to start this venture through the love we felt as we lived through the most difficult and unusual times of 2020, where we have been separated from those dearest to us.

It is more important now than ever to help families and friends keep the connections of generations and to share the value and wisdom that comes through storytelling.

I want my books that I create to bring joy to people of all ages.

The adventure of creating a family book is extremely satisfying  to me

and my clients because it holds no boundaries. It allows people to

reach into their family histories and sparks the joy of sharing stories

to old and young.

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"The strength that we carry into our future

are the stories of the past, our connections on who we are.

These connections are very important... don’t let them slip away."





Career & Creating

During my career, I have worked with many corporate accounts including Kellogg’s,

British Nuclear Fuels Limited (BNFL), Royal Doulton, Turkey Farmers of Ontario,

to name a few familiar brands. The latter is where I designed a selection of recipe books.

I have also worked to create the design of logos, branding, advertising layouts

for both local, national and international companies.

I ran a bridal company for a number of years where I made hand bound books

and wedding invitations. I was a top supplier for William Ashley -

a department store in Yorkville, Toronto for many years and also worked

with an historian creating beautiful hand bound memoirs.

My community involvement in the arts and business sectors found me in

leadership roles. In recent years I worked for the local newspaper,

where I won several awards, including outstanding page design.


By tapping into my repertoire of past experience, I create beautifully

designed coffee table books, with a new sense of capturing life as it happens,

recording life through events, and sharing journeys whether about travel,

or bonding through family recipes. 

I combine my creativity with my passion to create keepsakes which will

make a difference in people's lives by helping them realize the

importance of people's stories. 

Capture them now before they are gone.

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