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Creative Products


A gallery of stills from a
slideshow I put together.

The slideshow included photos, videos and voice messages.


Please contact me for pricing and information on this service.


QR Message Art Package

For anyone missing the sound of their loved one's voice. Whether they are near or far.

Scan the QR code to play their voice message over and over again.

Great to remember or celebrate a loved one.

Each package contains an 8 x 8 print plus two frameable 5 x 7 printed cards.


(NFC tap option available)

Please contact me for pricing and

information on this product.

qr code only.jpg

Photographic Restoration

Details of photographic restoration and examples of photographic rebuilding,

ie; taking away other people in a photograph and rebuilding the background.

Adding additional information to a photograph that was once lost.

Examples of the many ways I can bring back old photos through the art of restoration.

More samples available on request.

restoration web3.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 9.19.19 PMdark

"My favourite part of facebook

is the memories"



"After my father passed away,

I received a lovely book of photos of him that I had never seen before of his early life. It opened up a whole new world in the life of my father, which was such a lovely comforting surprise when I thought I'd never be able to make new memories with him. It always puts a smile on my face when I look at it."

Morgyn Johnston, CSA

"We were geographically far from family and friends when my husband passed making it impossible for any gathering

to celebrate David's life.

I wanted his closest friends and family

to have something to touch and remember him by so

I worked with a very patient Helen

to produce a wonderful memento of Dave.

A collection of images culled from photographs and

old slide images became a wonderful full colour, hard cover book depicting Dave thru the decades.

It was just the right magic we needed

at that point in our lives.

Many grateful thanks."

Kerry Riley

Anchor 2

"We saved and planned for many years to do a once in a lifetime trip around the world with our children.

So many valuable memories and pictures,

that we wanted to treasure forever.

Helen helped us make that vision a reality.

Her professional experience

and efficiency had our travel book completed in the best way possible and now each member

of the family has a printed keepsake that will hold

their experiences perfectly."

Andrew Morton

Remember when – custom books
I recently had the pleasure of working with Helen Dalton on the production of a memoir.

The author was a 95-year-old friend who had documented his 90-year-old wife’s life story –

HALIFAXgirl. Presented with almost 100 pages of text and numerous illustrations, we

were tasked with editing, design, layout and then sourcing a printer.
Helen worked diligently, taking care of every detail, intent on delivering a

quality product. She was very easy to work with and tolerant of the many

minor changes we made along the way. Her expertise was critical in

determining appropriate design, format, and incorporation of photos into

the text. The customer’s expectations were not only met but exceeded.

I would highly recommend Helen to anyone considering writing a

memoir, she can provide the much-needed guiding hand.

Sheila Woodcock
March 2022

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