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Like everyone you always have this assumption that your parents are going to be around

forever and the thought of them not being there - well, we just don't entertain that thought.

I recently lost my father, my mother passed over 5 years ago. Whilst they were here,

I always wanted to try and go through their life stories with them (just one more time). I've been lucky that many years ago whilst operating my bridal company - I gifted both my parents a 'life journal'.

My mother was always never one to share too many details about anything and that showed up in the discovery of a few snippets from her entries in her journal. Entries that were surprisingly personal but pertained a lot to the happiness she felt in her childhood.

My father had an interesting life of abandonment, illness, struggles and definitely survival. Again on discovery of his journal, he had actual mapped out his life story without too much attention to detail but noted down where he went to school, his first jobs etc, his work experience and reflection on his life. Both journals were found after each subsequent passing.

In hindsight and with Covid - I'm sure there are times when people feel that their lives are 'winding down' and I know that my father had reached out and was looking through old photos and reflecting on his life a few weeks before he passed. Through his journal entries, I was able to create some beautiful books for all his grandchildren.

I found the process of putting these books together after his passing was a huge comfort. I know that these books will be a huge comfort throughout the coming years because it instills the connection of my father through his stories. These books are key to correlating and putting everything into this personal resource for all of us to reflect upon.

Which is the foundation of REMEMBER WHEN.

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